Fri-yay! Party time!

Hello there fellow gamers, so its Friday night and I, the party animal you all have learned to know am styling my hair, doing some push-ups and adding some fake tan to my face – because it is party time! I am at home on a level of chill only the most enlightened Buddhist monks, and I have ever reached.
My chill involves being very tired from my menial marketing job and rewatching some favorites – So I decided to make a list of the best movies to rewatch, it’s very Spielberg heavy so be warned.

1. Back to the Future Trilogy
2. Star Wars Trilogy
3. Indiana Jones Trilogy – I refuse to acknowledge the fourth one.
4. Independence Day
5. Men In Black
6. Aliens
7. Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
8. Shrek
9. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
10. Airplane

Let me know what you watch, are you in the clubs grinding it out with 20-year-olds, or have you decided to chill – let me know in the comments?

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