Death of wednesdaysickie

Hello there fellow gamers, so today is a hard day for posting – well mostly because I planned to post around prime day deals but those are lackluster, you’ll be asleep if I try to do an article on those – although in Amazons defence Australia did our best to ensure that anything imported here is Uber expensive.
Okay so I dry July is happening, I hear people are proud of being sober throughout July, that’s cool – being sober is boring but the right way to go. I got a promotion, that was cool, you know, and yeh, that’s about the gist of the news. I think it’s going to be a slow month; things usually pick up around August/September, with a few releases trickling down – but I am honestly looking at it now guys and it still seems kind of dead, what do we do? My blog is based on gaming, what can I blog about if no games are released. If anyone has new blog ideas please leave them in the comments, however I will not blog about work and self help – these are the snake oil salesmen of our time.

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