I met a gamer girl and no bath water?!

Hello, there fellow gamers, I was talking to some people at work, and in conversation, I realised one of them is a gamer, and also, building some suspense, a girl! So there I was, big grin on my face ready to receive my free cup of her bathwater and yet – nothing, in having this sexually lackluster conversation where she even remained fully clothed throughout it, we discussed games, future, and past and whether I should build a new PC or purchase a switch for some on the go gaming.

I hate the fact I need to mention this, but my feelings that female gamers need to be partially naked is not true, I was sarcastic throughout most of it – and the rest of this post is not meant for political purposes so please don’t take it that way.

Now let’s get down to bidness! Why are people buying bathwater? Also, also – Belle Delphine uses filters to make herself look 14, so yeh, well aware of the fact that she is not, but it is creepy my gamer bros/girls. How can a person place a value on their bathwater! I am placing a value on me not being in your drinking water, pay me $20, and I won’t go anywhere near your drinking water – especially inside it.

I am divided between being down on her for using her looks to sell and get views and patreon funds, and between well who am I to tell someone how to earn money – also conflicting is the fact I want more women in gaming, but women because they like video games, not to take advantage of thirsty dudes. However, to further complicate this, men are more receptive to cleavage, so a dressed gamer girl probably wouldn’t get far.

I had a brief look on google for other gamer girls, and found some who seemed to tone down their beuty focus and some who take advantage of their looks – I am interested in what people think, leave all comments and suggestions in the comments section.

if you purchase the Wednesdaysickie outta my water package ill throw in the never need to see my face package which means you’ll never see me making a YouTube channel, saving you from my face.

Outta my water – $59.99

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