Joining the master race

Hi there fellow gamers, once again, I am stressed. Due to the loosening of Australian taxation, I have the money to build my PC. The thing stressing me out, apart from potential audit due to dodgy accounting practices is what will this PC be, I am a geek, not a nerd – – nerds know what this stuff is, but as a geek, I am just into nerdy things and bad with women. I am more or less on here looking for help and gratification that the build I chose is good enough. It will primarily be used for gaming; it will also need to be able to run the Adobe suite. As a man who will never build a house with his bare hands, this is the closest I will get to it – a big moment! My ancestors would be proud of me. If you guys see something, I could do better with my build let me know, my budget is 2,600 kangaroo talons, which is Australian currency.

My current build


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