Go away, fuckstick

Hello there fellow gamers, this will be a short article to respect those who aren’t waking up today. The US is one of the freest countries in the world, and it has given us some awesome stuff, but with their freedom, they are also allowed to purchase a shit ton of guns. With a lack of support for the mentally ill and some of the most potent medication in the world – trust me, I had an Advil in Chicago, and I slept for the whole day. I am not here to change the USA, but here to defend video games against the orange bloke with the hairpiece and eastern European purchased wife. Video games do not cause violence, and in the wake of the shootings, some media and Trump have decided video games are to blame.

Its an issue I cant fix or even begin to unravel and make sense off.

I am using Vox to prove my point, basically I have lost my mind – but they do have a point.




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