Juno? why are you so dark – Umbrella Academy Review.

Hello there fellow gamers, once in a while we get tired of video games and smash through a Netflix series, literally in the space of a day – I love a good binge, I imagine that’s what being on meth does to you. I binge-watched the umbrella academy, and it was awesome, loved every episode and enjoyed how dark it was, al be it I am a fluffy person and enjoy movies with strictly happy endings, this did engage me.

For my review of the show, it is fantastic, fun, dark and well-acted it is terrific to see Juno step her acting game up and do something worth watching, I know we all cringe when actors protest. Unfortunately, they are vital to our entertainment, and our little Juno loves a good protest and outspoken political thing. The show is fantastic, and I give Ellen Page real props for her portrayal, I am not familiar with the character she plays, but when she acts it out, I believe it. Also, the actor playing Diego Hargreeves kills it!

As a recommendation, I would not binge the whole season in one sitting – it left me in a haze and dwelling on how dark the world is.

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