$4,000 on FIFA – Gaming or Gambling

Hello there fellow gamers, are you spending too much on in-game purchases? Well yeh – in my humble opinion spending 1 dollar in-store is too much, my mate (not really) Kyle Duncan a dude in Australia spent $4,000 on in-game FIFA purchases. So whos to blame? EA, of course, is to blame for something, even when they are not! I hate in-game purchases because they have dragged video games into the realm of gambling, mix that with accusations gaming causes mass shooters to enact their violence. Violence and gambling, gaming is like an 80’s mobster, at the peak of power and no way for the FBI to track down you and your palls.

I am in a conundrum, spend your money any way you want is one side of me and the other is against the greed, the companies make money as is – and the fact that some people like my mate Kyle end up spending $4,000 on FIFA, a $69 game. Their mechanics for in-game purchases are nickel and dime that add up, and before you know it – you are down a lot of money for not a lot of return. If EA had asked you for $4,000 outright, you would say no, if the casino asked for your life at one hit you would say no.

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