OooOOoo Get outta here! Mafia 2 the forgotten gem.

Hello there fellow gamers, since the gaming world is a little quiet I thought it would be a good time to reminisce on a classic, the hair is slick, the women are fast and its a good time to be a mobster.

The Mafia series 1 & 2, no not 3, I am sorry but you suck and your rinse and repeat gameplay sucked – pretty much the trailers were the best thing about the game. Since I have my new gaming PC I can fire up the game and do some Mafiosing, hey if you are even more nostalgic than I am then go and play Mafia 1, I remember my car struggling to make it up the bridge! these 2 games set benchmarks for their time and will go down in history as the best of the early high end video games.

Best part of this game, the ending – remember when the main protagonist in number 1 turns states informant, well in the end of the game you get killed, in Mafia 2 you do the killing!. Give it a go, hey you might even remember that games usually have good stories.

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