Sitting in silence

Hello there fellow gamers, I did as most sensible men would do when the government gave them back some money, they build a sick gaming rig, lie to their woman and tell her it’s for your Marketing & Design freelance company – BTW if you need stuff let me know.
Problem with my awesome gaming rig is that I have nothing to test it on, I have been scanning for games, and I can’t find anything! This august drought is killing me, so I decided to smash through Watch Dogs 2, which is a pretty exciting game – I am struggling to define as to why it’s so good. Here is my list of games I am playing until something good comes out.

Watch Dogs 2
Well duhhh I just mentioned it

The Witcher 3
I never get over that game

Total War Three Kingdoms
I think they did well with this game, its been a while since they tried something new

That’s it my gamer bros and sisters, when I am not doing that I sit in silence and wait for games to come out. Let me know what you think I should be waiting for, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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