The government tucks me in at night and knows best

Hello there fellow gamers, let me get my government appointed nanny to come and make me some tea and ill begin the article. The Australian government in its infinite wisdom, when they are not selling off government assets to foreign governments has decided to ban Day Z, why did the infinitely wise government of Australia ban this game, well because we can’t handle the violence. The government knows best, not to mention in my country the government waited till 1920 to ban hunting of aboriginals, so a foundation of sound reasoning.

I can pirate these games very quickly, and I wouldn’t even blink an eye, there are VPNs and so on that will let me play the games my government bans, that’s not my problem with them – my question is when someone thinks they know what’s best for me or anyone else, violence is everywhere, I went to Europe and every public site had an army presence. Terrorism has ensured that we are all well aware of what violence can happen at any moment, not to mention one of the reasons it was banned was drug use, seriously, half my generation spends its nights snorting lines of porcelain, and trust me GTA is not the reason.
Below are the games that we have banned, in our infinite wisdom,
Day Z
We Happy Few
Hotline Miami
codenamed “Bonaire”

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