You (not you) suck and I quit!

Hello there fellow gamers, I am here at home reading the news, and I have concluded, childish as it might be, but I have decided to fuck politics, politicians and all politically affiliated shit right away to hell, where they belong. Do you want my reasons? Well – I watched the loudest voice and amongst my disgust watching that dude harras women, manipulate the news, and public opinion made me sick, I am also a George W Bush Junior survivor, I observed that fucker do some serious shit. But as I hated on my conservative brethren, I realised something – it’s all the same shit, left to right these people are found to be doing terrible shit.

Since everything in the world has become politicized including the mundane parts of your life, even in my fair land of Australia in the last election people threatened to leave the country if their party did not win, since no one really understands our English they threatened to leave for our neighbor New Zealand – its the equivalent of loosing in a game and quitting. This furor was met with insults like leftie and communist being thrown around, entirely out of context – we are copying American politics, I don’t think we have a left to the right based party system.

But why did you wait so long after the election to write this? I did it because of its time we all chill and step back from these things, don’t get me wrong – government interference with video games will face my online blog wrath! But I will quit listening, participating, and voting in my everyday life. This time I don’t want comments below, stay tuned for my review of Far Cry New Dawn next week.

PSS – the old school politicians of Australia were the Shiznitt, and I tip my hat to you dudes.


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