Old series, new dawn.

Hello, there fellow gamers, and hello there Joseph Seed – I am coming or you hipster-looking fucker. I have been playing New Dawn and its awesome to be back in hope county and see some o the characters I liked from Far Cry 5, but one characteristic above all, Joseph the man bun having Newtown version of Jesus. Seed.

I haven’t had the chance to get to him as yet, but I have played enough to recommend the game! woot woot. I have also been playing this on Ultra Graphic settings on my gaming rig; it is serving me well, I can legit see the individual wrinkles on a characters face. I haven’t had my three hours with this game, work has been kind of frantic at the moment, but here goes my review.

The gunplay and graphics are pretty excellent, jumping into this game raw without playing 5 is a waste of potential immersion though – this is the first time a sequel to Far Cry follows on from the previous story, plus anyone that played 5 knows the ambiance of the game, and gameplay was excellent – this continues in New Dawn. Give the game a shot, you won’t regret it, let me know below the orgasmic happiness achieved after killing my mate Joseph Seed (cult leader in 5, most annoying villain ever).

Ultra high!

Far Cry ® New Dawn 28_08_2019 5_53_59 PM                My character – notice how I opted out of the mullet.screenshot0003 

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