Unsatisfied, like most women with me

Hello there fellow gamers, I don’t wait for things, I am a now, now kind of dude, its why I prefer Uber eats to cooking a healthy meal. But when I heard Joseph Seed was back in Far Cry New Dawn I was willing to wait, I have been busy, and I suffered a back injury in the meantime, but I waited – but Ubisoft in true “stuff you” fashion decided to make him a lot less evil in this game, I even hesitated to kill him.

I won’t go into details, but I do recommend giving New Dawn a crack, you get to return to Hope county and do some awesome shit, for those who read my previous article about Joseph Seed know how much I loved that villain – I even saw the creators here in Sydney, and they mentioned how Joseph was created and how this villainy came to life, one of the best villains ever. His final words and actions twenty years on make him semi likeable, and killing him is not as satisfying as I had hoped.


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