Hello there fellow gamers,

As I peer into the darkness I see many disturbing things, apparently, climate change is at the point of no return, some mentally ill Swedish child is calling world leaders a disgrace, an oddly tall oompa loompa is the worlds most powerful man, and I have injured my back – times are tough.

Out of all that darkness comes one small glimpse of hope, WB Montreal is teasing a game, the batman twitter is teasing something, not sure what but it has my hype going into overload. Lets recap, the last game was good, but my favourite was Batman Arkham Origins.

I don’t have much more information, but this does fill me with happiness. The importance of these tweets is the fact that the account has been inactive since 2015 – meaning the reactivation of it could signal something, let me know what you think in the below comments. an earlier post showed off a bat-signal which was posted a day before the teaser, in marketing terms this is perfect timing.

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