Get some Nivea Joel

Hello, there fellow gamers, it’s here, The Last of Us 2 has a release date, and like my friends in prison, they have me waiting for them, knowing after we are done they will disappear again for seven years. I placed the trailer directly below so my fanboying will have context.

Ellie is living in a community with Joel’s brother, which beckons the question why isn’t Joel with them, she’s also a lesbian, not that there is anything wrong with that, something seems to happen to her lover, and this starts the story – an older Joel joins Ellie, he hasn’t aged well, maybe he needs some Nivea and a couple of weeks at the beach. My theory is that the first introduced us to this world, and the second will give us perpetual anxiety as we explore the world, which has become even worse. The second installment looks like less of a cinematic experience when compared to the first, I of course only have a trailer to go on – let me know your thoughts below in the comments section.

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