5 reasons why you need to watch Futurama.

Hello there fellow gamers, here I sit on a breezy Friday afternoon with what is the creme de la creme of days off, the time in lieu day – I put in some hard work for a conference, and now I get to have the Friday off, but there’s more – its a long weekend so I get a four day weekend!. I am watching what I think is the greatest show ever, Futurama! I know someone, somewhere read that and gasped going, but what about Rick and Morty, great show it is – but I see it as a dark Futurama meets Back to the future. 

Still not convinced? Let me give you my reasons to watch Futurama, at least my top 5. 

  1. It was made my generation, so if you are in your thirties – have some social anxiety and don’t know who Takeshi 69 is then this was made for you. 
  2. The show was smart, it asked Rick and Morty styled questions about the universe and existence before Rick and Morty, yeh, I know – how dare Adult Cartoons exist before Rick and Morty. 
  3. The memes, shut up, and take my money! The show is still relevant via the memes, fry thinking, bender making something with blackjack and hookers. 
  4. Fry and his dog that was the saddest episode on a show ranked second only to the ending of season 9 of scrubs, if you didn’t at least swell up with tears then I hope you never reach political power, you might kill us all you heartless bastard. 
  5. The romance between two characters developed and became integral to the story – we got closure, unlike most shows the time in Futurama moved forward, and attitudes developed. 

Hopefully, I convinced you, if not – then tell me why below in the comments. 

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