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Hello there fellow gamers, I got asked the question, and it was a doozy, the person asked me what game they should play after a long hiatus from gaming, well that’s a good question – what was my answer?.

Where do I start! Okay, so I have come up with a list, love a good ole list – five games to get you back into gaming, the back story is this person has not gamed for seven years, I did this in ascending order, first is most comfortable to get them acclimated to gaming and the updated mechanics, taking into consideration the person is more RPG rather than action focus. My list below, let me know if this worked for you or if you would recommend something different. 

  1. Fallout 4 – yes, I know, please stop jeering me, Bethesda, and the failure of Fallout 76 has set them into the same league as EA.
  2. Diablo III – this game was a gem, great graphics, true to form Diablo story, I, however, hate the fact the successor to this will be a mobile game. 
  3. Battlefield 1 – my favorite in the series and the most immersive PVP for the modern era, don’t jeer me dammit! I know you love Halo. 
  4. Stardew Valley – let’s include some indie retro-styled game, farm a little – sometimes killing too many people is too much? too much violence is not a good thing, especially since if you start to type “do video” google will suggest the completion of that phrase is “games cause violence.” 
  5. Spider-man – why not finish the geekiness off with Spider-man, this is easy to digest game which 

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