Little Big Workshop – a satisFACTORY game

Hello there fellow gamers, its time to do a first three! This time I have moved away from a Triple-A and avoided violence, so if you have a small child you would like to one day run a workshop, then this is the game for you!

The game is pretty easy to grasp but awesomely complicated once you get deeper into it, it makes for an odd blend of cute but also complex – managing your workforce, the machinery and even deliveries at the same time. This sim ticks all the boxes for me, immersion, dopamine hits, and best of all, they don’t make you pay for extra stuff, swedes as game developers are good that way.

Basically, the game is running a workshop; you purchase machinery, expand your workshop, build break areas, manage floor space and try to make a profit – allocating the machinery to each project and rushing to deliver while there still is demand.

I highly recommend this game, especially for people who like to flex their strategy muscle and ever had a dream of running their own workshop.



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