Google Pixel 4 – the uninformed review.

Hello, there, fellow games, or should I say mobile phone aficionados – for those who frequent this blog, it’s mostly about gaming, but since somehow i received my Google Pixel 4 pretty early, I thought why not review it. Here goes my first phone review of the Pixel 4 Orange limited edition.

trying to find out how to review phone, I found videos of dudes smashing their phones when they buy them, I could break my new phone, but let’s say I would still have to keep using it – I am broke son!.
The phone is awesome; the camera is excellent, it’s light, smooth display and its quicker than a chicken running from a butcher. I also managed to get the limited edition version so its well designed, but I honestly I am not doing the phone justice, this is another guys review which is well done and he knows what he is doing, check out the camera comparison.


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