Outer Worlds, I finally got to you!

Hello there fellow gamers, are you hungry? I am starving for a good RPG, some decent dialogue, side of graphics, and excellent gunplay dynamics to dip a full launch game with minimal glitching.

Prepare to have your hunger answered! Eat Outer Worlds, I hear its disappointment free, and with that last analogy, I am done. Heres the thing about being into RPG, it takes a lot to impress you, a game can’t just be impressed with its graphics and mechanics, but the voice acting and story need to be on par. Otherwise, it loses its grip on you, and you remove yourself from the story.

The Outer Worlds 31_10_2019 10_37_09 PM

How does Outer Worlds compare to this? It’s fucken excellent with awesomeness dripping from all its orifices, the fallout fans have been deprived of fallout since number 4, 76 was, to say the least disappointing – that’s what makes this game so good, it saves us from boring weekends. The story is there, the graphics are good, the gunplay is on point and yeh – it’s fun! So give it a shot, I am playing on a basic bitch PC.


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