Diablo IV – Announced, scary and epic

Hello, there, fellow gamers, so Diablo IV was announced with a trailer and some game-play, seeing as how Blizzard was in a PR nosedive. Showcasing a fan favourite with seriously amped up graphics and story-line is honestly the reason they haven’t lost all of their fans. Punishing people for bagging out the communist government of China is a pretty low act.

Can we forgive them? If we take the Diablo IV as we see it now, then yes, we can, no indication of micro-transactions and an impressive offering. Also, the announcement shows everything in the game; we know what classes will be available, what the game-play is like, and even the story.
All that in mind, I thought it would be good if I summarised it from the perspective of someone who is not a hardened fan, but someone who played a few of them and will play it.

Barbarian – Brawn and strength, this is the staple of RPG games, a dude smashing demons to bits, FUCK yes, also the character is black, its good to see diversity.

Sorceress РElement shaping and chopping enemies down with ice blasts and whatnot, always a welcome edition to RPG games.

Druid – this is a bit of a new one, it seems to be a mixture of Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Monk, the unique ability of the Druid is a deep connection with wild animals.

The lineup of Sanctuary heroes is less than we had before. If you remember Diablo III, we had the choice of Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, and Wizard – a sizeable selection in comparison to the three on offer now.

A badass bitch has returned with her eyes firmly affixed on destroying the world, gotta love a good ole scorned daughter of hatred to kill us all. The humans and nature have turned against you with the return of Lilith, summoned by a dark ritual.

Conclusion – The game is looking awesome, I have attached the links to the trailer and the gameplay so you can decide for yourself – but I will be diving in headfirst into the game. Let me know your initial thoughts in the comments below.

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