How to show love to your loyal fans

Hello there fellow gamers, I have worked in customer service jobs before, you talk to your customers, get to know each other, help them out. I never shat on customers, though, never took their money and gave half a service and then asked for more money to get the rest of the service. Fallout 1st beckons the question, why Bethesda looked at its loyal customers, and well shat on them, slapped them in the face, smiled, and asked for more money!.

Fans of RPGs love Bethesda and the Fallout series, that was until Fallout 76 came out, it was glitchy, empty, crashed a lot – a half baked game that was an insult to fans but not a full-on slap in the face. Recently announced though, Fallout 1st, for $100 a year you get the following:

  • Private Worlds
  • Scrapbox – unlimited crafting component storage
  • Survival tent – place it to fast travel to a destination
  • Atoms – receive 1,650 atoms a month
  • Ranger Armor Outfit – yep an outfit
  • Icons & Emotes Pack


People hate Bethesda for all this, and to make it even worse for them; someone bought up the URL falloutfirst.com to mock the release – it’s well designed and pure gold. In my humble opinion, as a former customer service person – do not shit on, or slap your loyal fanbase, making them pay to have a fallout game, apparently this still isn’t good enough though. The game still crashes, and your private world can even get raided by another player. In conclusion, do not pay Bethesda, especially since The Outer Worlds is out and a game worth playing, the rating below for Fallout 1st is generous.


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