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Hello, there fellow gamers; I have to make a confession and make my case. I am scared ill lose followers, readers, and even friends in standing by this opinion. In the Arkhamverse, my favorite game is Arkham Origins, I just felt every fan read this and scream out against me, but Arham Knight was better! Arkham Assylum started it all! What do you know? You suck!.
If we are all done insulting me I want to plead my case, let me outline my arguments and then maybe have a crack at the game – let me know how wrong I was.

Boss Battles,
Kicking ass is the Batman thing to do, but in this game, you are forced to fight formidable Martial Artists and enemies, far more intricate than the ones from the others in the series.

Origin story,
Batman was not approved by the city and didn’t have allies in the police, he was still finding his rhythm to being Batman, and the game stresses this when he looses to Bane – we see the rookie batman, giving us engagement.

Batman™_ Arkham Origins 8_11_2019 8_46_50 PM

Oustanding story,
The story was outstanding, money on Batman’s head, his first clash with the joker and other villains – even the first scene where we see Batman’s shadow, and the approach scares the crap out of the warden.

Batman™_ Arkham Origins 8_11_2019 8_49_45 PM

In conclusion, this is a game blog, and my opinion is mostly invalid. Still, the game is awesome, and having played all and analyzed them in comparison to Arkham Origins, they are all good games, but I prefer Origins because it satisfies my wanderlust for a good story.


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