Star Wars: Fallen Order

Hello there fellow gamers, have you ever dated a girl that you loved but she burned you, she banged your mate when you went on a work trip, she stole your favorite vinyl records and sold them, she even insulted your momma at Christmas Dinner.

Its been five years since you last dated, and she has changed, or at least promised to change – here is EA, they did well with Apex Legends, the hammer has not dropped in the way Micro-Transactions and all that usual crap. So is there a chance that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order delivers, and EA is treating us well? The game is open-world with a heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving — Single-Player game with no Micro-transactions.

I am all about trust, do I trust EA? – I am staring at my screen thinking should I do this, I lost my phone so the money is tight, and I have been hurt before – I might wait and give another gamer the responsibility of reviewing Fallen Order, let me know if you are letting the ex cheating whore who stole your vinyl back into your life.

Staring at you awkwardly.


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