Australia is right

Hello there fellow gamers, it seems I have teleported to a different dimension. Australia has done something right when it comes to video games; the ACCC has ruled that Zenimax, the publisher which is selling Fallout 76, has to give refunds to Australian customers. This is an excellent end to the Fallout 76 disappointment, at least here in Australia. 

Why did Fallout 76 fail, who is to blame, why are you reading the blog of a slacker in his thirties? All questions answered below. 

Why did it fail, 

  1. its not a full release
  2. Micro-transactions like its going out of fashion
  3.  Player Vs. Player sucks
  4. It’s too easy
  5. there is nothing to do
  6. Its a Bethesda game with no story, combat is the focus
  7. it’s buggy like a cheap motel
  8. it’s buggy like a cheap motel where 1000 roaches were dropped into it
  9. the world is empty
  10. The subscription from hell ($150 a year)

1001 glitches

All these are bad but not new, but no ten is unique, charging a subscription to make the game single player, the kicker being people can still get into your world and fuck it up. 

Who is to blame, 

Now that we have the internet and budgets are getting tighter, gaming companies are looking for ways to make more money – now this is a good thing because they will want you to keep playing the game and the games will accommodate that. Fallout 76 is a perversion of this because it wants you around but will give you no content to stay. 

Greed is good

Why are you reading my blog, 

I am mildly entertaining and sometimes have a good point – you need something better to do, maybe take up a hobby – mine is writing a blog and chastising people who read my articles. 

If you are still playing Fallout 76, I would love to hear about, change my mind in the comments below. 

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