First Three – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Hello there, fellow gamers, The first three is the first three hours of a video game; a review is based on those three hours. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first three hours, then it might not be worth it. I wrote an article a little while ago slamming EA and having my doubts about Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, well – I bought the game, and below is my first three hours review of the game, but for those who can’t be stuffed reading. I recommend the game; every aspect a video game can be judged on is on point. The graphics are slick, the story is good, music is epic in-store, battle mechanics are hard to master, and RPG elements are challenging.

EA, Electronic Arts, I have grown up with the EA logo – my first SNES game had it, EA sports, it’s in the game is burnt into my memory. Therefore I love the company. I see EA as one of the founders of the gaming we enjoy today – but they have done us wrong at different times. The micro transactions, pay to win, and half baked games almost turned me off from purchasing this game, but seeing them put out an effing epic Star Wars game fills me with joy.

What is so good about this video game? Well, the story is good, the gameplay, the graphics – basically everything except for the main protagonist’s hair, I don’t like it – reference below.

STAR WARS Jedi_ Fallen Order™ 23_11_2019 9_17_25 AM


The video taken is on epic settings PC graphics, but I have also played it on PS4 with some certain drawbacks, but very minimal – they are very slick and the water in a game has never looked so good.

The Story, 

The story takes place after order 666 was enacted and the Jedi are considered traitors, I wont say anymore so you don’t spoil it – the story is new and worth paying attention to.

The music, 

Its different enough to the original star wars movie so you are not bored with it, but it is really good and well paced with what is happening around you.

Battle Mechanics, 

Hard to master, atleast for me – probably because I suck, however they are not bad, just hard.

RPG Elements, 

The exploration will entertain you but it does get a bit annoying killing the same storm troopers who keep re spawning.

One thing about this game before you go in, it is surprisingly hard, I have died a lot, and I am on the Jedi Knight level of difficulty – some jumps have killed me like six times, either I suck, or the game is hard, and I refuse to admit that I suck. The game more than captured me, and It will win you over as well – go hard young Padwan and hopefully EA keeps up the good work.

Please don’t judge my shitty playing


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