My daddy is a lawyer

Hello there fellow gamers, I am going to sue EA Games, why might you ask? Well while playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order somehow my controller was flung into my computer screen, I blame EA and how hard the boss fights are.

In essence, I thought I was on the medium difficulty setting which is Jedi Knight, but in effect, I accidentally selected Jedi Master and have almost finished the game playing on the second-highest difficulty, it has tested my patience – making me doubt how good I am at video games. If you are wondering who made me lose my cool, calm exterior – Taron Malicos, I had his health down to a quarter and then he beat me. After the 12th attempt, I lost my marbles and flung an innocent controller at an even more innocent computer screen. Take this article as a warning, the Jedi Master difficulty setting is ruthless.
Below is ratting of the difficulty, using destroyed LG screens as a measuring tool.

maxresdefault (1)

If you simply want to enjoy the story and world then this is the best
difficulty mode for you.
0 broken LG screens

Jedi Knight
This is the standard difficulty.
1/2 broken LG Screen

Jedi Master
Much tougher and for fans of melee-focused adventure games.
1 broken LG screens

Grand Master
Only for the most experienced players.
3 broken LG screens

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