I ran over a grandma, what did you do?

Hello, there fellow gamers, do you remember the first hooker you murdered, just a young black man in trouble with the law, graffitiing the streets – it was some hard shit to do as a seventeen-year-old, especially when your white and middle class. Let me explain, what I was talking about was GTA San Andreas, and the young black man was CJ – why I am talking about the first prostitute killed is because I just saw the trailer for Free Guy, basically, an NPC in GTA V who becomes self-aware, and joins in on the fun.

Ryan Reynolds, yeh, the funny good looking dude, like God made him good looking and funny, even down to earth! So basically that NPC in a bank robbery decided to become self-aware and take a gun from the robber and start blasting, he steals a pair of glasses that show the video gamey stuff in his world, health packs, ammo, and a full-blown HUD.

It beckons the question, if the NPC’s could become self-aware, how long would it take for them to band together and kill you? What horrible shit did you do? Would you be considered a serial killer of prostitutes? I don’t do the crazy shit, so honestly, apart from accidentally killing a few randoms and running over a grandma for fun in GTA IV, I wouldn’t be able to give a valid opinion. Still, I am interested in your story – what is the worst thing you ever did to an NPC.

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