Star Wars: The Rise Of Mediocre Story Telling

Hello there fellow gamers, whenever someone tries to add to the famed story, it is harshly judged, not to say that it’s not well-deserved criticism, I will go through my biggest beef with the latest star wars edition below – are we too harsh is my question? And has it become too focused on being inclusive and politicized?

The last two things mentioned I won’t discuss, I believe it is overdoing it on both parts. Still, it does it poorly – let me explain quickly before I run away from the topic, especially since Netflix thinks Slavic Folklore and myth heavily involved African people. Star Wars is inclusive for Race casting. Still, it drops the ball for opinions; no one has a differing opinion to the First Order and the Rebels. In a great time of turmoil, there were only two trains of thought, harsh fascism and power vs. compassion and freedom. First Order bad and Rebels good, I thought our generation would be the one to try and test your ability to decide what is right and wrong in a complex world, but no – rebels good, first-order bad.

The strength of a George Lucas movie was the story he told and leaving out parts for you to figure out for yourself, raiders of the lost ark we never really find out where the ark of the covenant came from, what it was, how it had such power. To this day, you make up stories in your mind, same for the originals and Darth Vader, we know he was Lukes father, but what turned him, how did he become so powerful – our imagination fills in the blanks. The latest edition of Star Wars, however, explains parts it shouldn’t and leaves out parts it shouldn’t. Before I explain my biggest beef with this movie, I just wanted to say it was worth a watch.

I live a pretty busy life, I work, I study part-time, and I run this half-decent game blog, I would struggle to find time to start a family, apparently not an issue for Emperor Palpatine. I thought sith lords were these ominous people who didn’t know about love and all that crap, dating is hard – imagine telling someone you’re a part of an evil cult that wants to rule the galaxy. I thought us Marketing Executives have it hard, sith lord can not be a desirable tinder description.

Palpatine – how the fuck is you alive dude, wasn’t the whole premise of all the original star wars films that Darth Vader kills you, take a hint and stay dead. This is what I mean by some parts aren’t explained enough, we’re just expected to accept that Palpatine survived, if he did – then how?.

Like the Jedi, I don’t deal in absolutes, but ill make the exception and say this – end this storyline and do something new, like the Mandalorian or like the game fallen order.

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