Hello, there fellow gamers, I want to become a twitch streamer – I am semi-funny. On top of what is happening in the video game world, the only problem is that I am a crippling introvert, and if you want to stare at me for extended periods, then you are either my girlfriend or losing your sight. 

Scouring the internet, I found the following tips on how to be a good twitch streamer,

  • Specialise in a game – this is the reason I will fail, I am not that big on fortnite
  • Dedication – well, no, I don’t as we speak I am getting ready to go to my job. 
  • Get to know your audience – you are watching me play video games, I am not sure who is crazier, I think both me and my audience should stay away from each other. 
  • Drink red bull – apparently stuffing your heart and liver go hand in hand with streaming video games, heart palpitations, and a 10-hour Diablo session, FUDGE YES. 

I have played around with posting video game footage, it goes down pretty well – but I have never streamed, keen to give it a shot though! let me know if you have any hints for where I can get started. 

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