End of the Second Console War

Hello, there fellow gamers, war is brutal, war is old men talking and young men dying, war shaped our history – the war I am talking about though is much less serious the console wars! The armies screech at each other, the companies horde profits, and the Marketing departments are the generals.

On the Horizon, Horizon Zero Dawn, that is – there is talk of peace in the form of a rumor, Horizon Zero Dawn might be coming to PC. As this is fantastic news, we need to understand that from a Marketing perspective releasing an older game that is exclusive on a competing console is not that bad due to the age of the game. Releasing the game could help Sony bring more fans over to the future exclusive release – however, it is still good news. Full article.

Horizon Zero Dawn

When you think console wars, you assume it’s just about Xbox and PlayStation, even though these two are the perpetrators in this war, we need to understand this been happening since the ’90s. I respect and understand it, these companies competing, means we get the good stuff – but there is someone on the Horizon (yes I used that word again) threatening to end it all for good, Mobile gaming is coming for us all. My biggest fear is that companies will see how profitable it is to have the opportunity to target EVERYONE because we all have smart phones. Microtransactions are more valuable than a one time purchase; this could have a bunch of corporates only investing in Mobile games.


I don’t mind the console wars. However, I want cross-play – read my words PlayStation; I want cross-play.

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