Hello there fellow gamers, I finally got it – my patient and loving girlfriend purchased me a Nintendo switch for my 31st birthday, yeah buddy! I thought I would do a review of the console, do I love it, do I hate it, do I recommend it? If you can’t be bothered reading the detailed review, I can quickly sum it up now – its worth it, I have only been playing Zelda breath of the wild and the SNES and NES games online. The console does what it promises, seamlessly going from console to handheld, more details below.

Games are good – Playing though, I do want to see more ports from triple AAA titles onto the switch. As a PC owning douche, I tease the visual downgrade, but I am okay with it; understanding portability is one of the most significant perks of owning a Nintendo Switch. However, when your mate with an Xbox is smashing the newest Assasins Creed, and you cant get it on the switch, be ready to envy.

I am currently smashing some Zelda Breath of the Wild and the classic NES and SNES games you get for a measly $5 a month.

it is a small movement that changes it from portable to stationary console; it’s intelligent and easy – not sure what else to say about it.


Up until now, my review has been positive, but O lord does that change when talking about the Nintendo e-shop, it is unorganised, chaotic, and no reasoning behind the assortment of games. Youll get triple-A titles after scrolling for ten seconds, meanwhile speaking simulator is first on the list. The Nintendo e-shop is a downgrade when compared to the PS4, Xbox, and steam store.


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