Dying Light 2 & anxiety

Hello there fellow gamers, I have two fears, a crippling fear of commitment and heights, proudly I did the harbor bridge climb and did the CenterPoint tower walk. For non-Australians, they both are up in the sky and push your tolerance of heights to the limits. Even though I have challenged my fear of heights when playing something like Dying Light with the jumping around and parkour, it gives me actual anxiety, great game, and I love playing it. Still, I can’t play for too long or ill sweat profusely and have a small anxiety attack.

Now that Dying Light 2 is close to coming out, I have to think whether I invest in it and deal with my anxiety so I can play in this awesome World; maybe the pros of the game can outweigh anxiety. Maybe we face anxiety because facing it can bring us so much goodness that it is impossible to ignore. Below I have listed the top reasons I will face anxiety to play Dying Light 2,

Intense World,

A large world with a dead but thriving life.


Different story branches,

The narrative is supposed to have many different story branches affected by the decisions you make.



Self explanatory.


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