The Last Of Us, featuring HBO is coming to a TV near you

Hello there fellow games, I awoke to some potentially excellent news, no I didn’t manage to repay my student debt, no I am still not anxiety-free, and no, I can’t get my hands on some toilet paper. I am not kidding about the last one; it’s a profoundly shameful Australian joke where we are beating each other over toilet rolls! Sometimes I can’t decide whether we are the best or worst people on earth – we donated millions for the bush-fire relief, and we helped our neighbours. Still, a more robust version of the flu has reduced us to idiots brawling in the shops over toilet paper.


I digress, the excellent news is that HBO is set to make a TV series based on The last of us, so I am excited, HBO has an awesome portfolio of TV shows, GOT, Veep, The Sopranos, and the wire to name a few. Even though my primary emotion towards this is, please don’t let me it be the last season of any of the mentioned shows, don’t fuck it up like GOT, don’t have a crapy ending like The Sopranos, and I want more man on man rape, unlike OZ, seriously! ( I am joking, please don’t sue). My point is that sometimes HBO, does a show to death, and when it dies, it is an anti-climatic slow death.

The facts to this are as follows,

Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, is working again with HBO to adapt the Last Of Us to a TV show; this will be produced with PlayStation Productions. This is a recurring theme for Naughty Dog, which is bringing Uncharted to the big screen due for release in January 2021 – will it work for The Last Of Us? I think so, this and Uncharted are focused on Narrative, which is what will drive success. Full article

To summarise, after the Witcher debut on Netflix, all I can say is give me more, give me more! Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same way? Does it excite you, or do you think it is destined to fail?

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