Games to play in quarantine

Hello, there fellow games, so basically the world is coming to an end – plagues, wars and disease, I am pretty sure that’s how the bible calls it. Most gamers aren’t fussed about all the events being canceled because of the Corona Virus, but it does mean we will get to spend two weeks at home with our games! But what are we going to play as the world ends, Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned – what will gamers play as ducks eat locusts in Africa, Corona Virus devours the world and the US and Iran edge closer to war.

Well, let me give you my list of 5 quarantine games;

Plague Inc
Let’s be real; you may as well understand how the Corona Virus is going to play out.

Attila Total War
a few years ago, the Romans faced their end at the hands of some furious people from the steppe who decided to whip some Latin ass.

Stardew Valley
Once world society has collapsed, you will need to learn to farm and raise animals, may as well as learn the ins and outs of farming.

I hate to say this, but you might have to kill a person with a frying pan once the global society collapses.

Divinity Original Sin II
This is a half book and half video game, there is so much story here, and it will help you get two weeks of quarantine done in no time.

I made a lot of jokes on this post, and that is fine, I am not being insensitive or even playing down the happenings. Of the world – but what else can you do? You can panic, buy all kinds of food and toilet paper or you can calm down and realise we are all in this together – so put down the shit tonne of toilet paper, don’t push past the elderly lady, wash your hands and re (the motherfucken) elax.

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