The Great Corona Isolation Of 2020

Hello, there fellow gamers, who of you are working from home? I have been working and studying from home for the past two weeks, and I thought I would detail my top adventures while living the life of a hermit – bear in mind I am a introvert lacking in social skills, so this is partly awesome.

So here you are, work has sent you home to work for the foreseeable future, firstly consider yourself lucky to still have a job and not in the unemployment line with the economic victims of COVID 19. After I am done being thankful, this is how my day usually plays out.

Visit the fridge,

I like to open the refrigerator and stare at it for 2-3 minutes; I usually do this 15 times a day; it’s the home office equivalent of unnecessary bathroom breaks.

The angels of mercy, Netflix, Stan, and Amazon Video,

Keep this one a secret, I have rewatched the Office, Parks and Rec and currently smashing my way through Scrubs (ironic), remember to turn it off for your meeting.

Read news articles,

If you haven’t realised how bad the COVID 19 pandemic is, then maybe going reading the news, perhaps the seven millionth article about how the economy is in free fall and the virus is spreading, will help it sink in.

Awkward Skype/Zoom Calls,

Apart from the fear that your manager might be calling to fire you, there is always the talk about your performance, if that’s not bad enough my course has changed to online and I love the small insight into peoples rooms, I am always cleaning my room now – also, why does the token hot girl have a 4K webcam?

My other activities include staring out my window, watching instagram stories of people doing the same. What are you up to in this time of isolation and uncertainty, let me know in the comments below.

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