Like looking into a mirror

Hello, there fellow gamers, or should I say, Michaels, Google news tracking me down via my interests pinged me on a news article a couple of days ago that was around what gamers would look like in twenty years. What’s worse about this article is that it references some legit sources, as someone who is about as medically proficient as these sources, I can safely say headphones won’t cause an indent in your head. No seriously, its mentioned as a certainty if you are a gamer for twenty years.

I know this article was written to get a reaction from gamers; we do tend to react to this kind of criticism because well, we get defensive, mostly because our past time causes so many problems, gun violence, stupidy. Now a hunched back, indent in the skull – its easier if I list all our apparent afflictions below:
Obesity, indented skull, dark circles around the eyes, hunched back, pale skin, PlayStation thumb, Nintendo arthritis, varicose veins, bald patches, bloodshot eyes, hairy ears, rounder shoulders, eczema, first-person shooter caused numbness, blisters, RSI on fingers, and finally swollen ankles.

Future gamer

The people who wrote and published this article review online casinos or something to that effect, so you know – why play video games when you can gamble your life away and then take the moral high ground on gamers and their culture. I am tempted to go hard at the writer, but I won’t, don’t give this article oxygen and it will fade away.

Do you think this is what gamers will look like? let me know in the comments below – full article click here.

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