Hello, there fellow games, firstly let me update you on how long I have been in isolation, six weeks I have been working from home and be at a minimal human contact, which for an introvert is not that bad. Still, alas, it is starting to wane on me—considering myself lucky because I get to keep my job and that I have a semi-decent internet connection!

Truth be told though, I am running out of games to play – not to say I don’t have a lot of them, but video games are not what this post is about – this is about Brendan Fraser, I think its time to bring him back to the mainstream. Now, why do I want this man back, well I was browsing 9GAG when I saw a post with the title that the author will post a photo of him every day until Brendan Fraser gets a role in mainstream media. A worthy cause, looking into why he left, it became a bit darker and seedier than we want to think about when it comes to the rapey vibes of Hollywood. Weinstein was not the only one doing the groping, and as Terry Crews was not safe from it same applied to Brendan Fraser. Reportedly a groping from Philip Berk gave him enough reason to move away from the scene, totally understandable. Still, the only thing was old mate Phil Berk just said it was meant to be taken as a joke, and Brendan Fraser did not receive his justice, like who doesn’t grope people as a joke?.

Looking for justice

Groping from decrepit men aside, I see Brendan Fraser as one of those actors that defined the humor, situational, and adventure genre of the 90s – 00s, Encino man, like seriously who does not love that movie! Cant we all do with a bit of humor right about now?, for god’s sake Sabrina the teenage witch has been remade into some Satanic Netflix show, the cute cat is legit evil. Damn Millenials and their dark tendencies, like seriously – you guys were born with the internet, I had to set up mine via a CD, be grateful and happy!

You ask why do we need Brendan Fraser back? The sexual assault occurred, and he had to leave his carrer behind, his perpetrator accused got to laugh it off; take it as a joke buddy! Sources have stated that he was a nice guy to work with; he is a good actor and is responsible for generations worth of laughter and lighthearted characters that remain with us, come on betty nugs. In essence, what we are trying to do to Brendan Fraser is the same as his break out film, bring him back from the frozen and reintroduce him to 2020. Post a photo of Brendan Fraser every day until he gets a role, a small price to pay.

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