Assassins Creed Valhalla – What we know.

Hello there fellow gamers, it has been a good week fo news – The Last of Us 2 is set for the release on 19th June and the new AC has been announced, Valhalla my friends – axes, blonde people, and raiding England, it’s almost sexual.

Let’s get to the deets; I will give you as much as I have and leave you with a few in-game photos.

9th Century England.

Hidden blade, of course! Swords and spears were common in that era, and the humble but effective ax/tomahawk combo,shields, lances. Side note that dual-wielding is enabled, and battleships look like a continuation from previous games.

Main character,
Male/Female choice of a character by the name of Eivor, a Viking chief.

The game is still RPG, booyah! But this time there seems to be an emphasis on two things, Raiding and building your town, according to some articles, you will make your village to your satisfaction, including buildings like Barracks and town defenses. I think there will be an attempt to harness more of the battles we saw in Odyssey but giving the player some control in regards to units and tactics. Bannerlord type gameplay would be excellent but probably not included.

Release date,
Holidays 2020 – to Americans that probably makes sense, but to me, it does not, so I am just assuming October – November.

In game photos


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