I really want to punch you – Streets of Rage 4 the first three hours

Hello, there fellow games, I want to punch someone, is it my two and a half month isolation? is it the fact that my government wont let me sit in a cafe but insists on me returning to the office so I can spend money on petrol. Luckily for me and some unaware civilian, I have started playing Streets of Rage 4, and it is quenching my thirst for punching, scratching my itch for kicking, and fulfilling my desire for retro gaming.

The first three are the first three hours of a video game, a review based on those three hours. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first three hours, then it might not be worth it. Without saying it, this game is fantastic, and it kept my attention, not just to lower my lust for punching people, but it is a genuinely good game. This sequel has been twenty-six years in the making, is it worth it – yep, satisfying and straightforward is what this game is, and in a complex world maybe all we need is a side scroller where you punch people to the rhythmic relaxing beats of a punk nineties. A denim jacket with the sleeves cut off – heck yeah son.


The game starts by offering you a choice between four characters. However, you have the opportunity to unlock twelve classic characters and one more from this game. Do you want me to explain more? You’re a seasoned gamer by now, and I am assuming you have played this game or one of its many iterations; you kick, punch, jump and kick punch – a simple game in a complicated time. Enjoy Streets of Rage 4 available on all major platforms – PS4, Xbox, Switch and Steam, going price seems to be $35.95.

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