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Hello there fellow gamers, as a person, I try my best to keep my mind open, so when one of the companies I labeled as crappy. Epic Games decided to give gamers a gift of free GTA V; I was like heck yes! You are going in my good books, right next to Arlec brand little heaters – but luckily I didn’t write it in pen, because after downloading it, it bugged out on me.

A game has bugged out on me, okay no problems it’s on PC I can have a quick look on youtube after four failed tutorials on how to fix it I came across the fifth, a young Indian man who informed me that everyone has the same issue. There was no solution – the servers have crashed.

However, after all that, even though I am peeved I will keep them in the good books, hey – they didn’t have to do that, they didn’t think there would be so many people taking them up on the offer if you have some spare time – take time to download GTA V from the Epic Game store, $0.00 is a fair price.

For PC gamers, click here.

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