The Simpsons + Disney = Back Pain

Hello, there are fellow gamers in quarantine, there are a few great things you can achieve, learning a new language, bettering yourself, or even reconnecting with friends/family – or you could be a sane person and watch 28 seasons of The Simpsons on Disney +.

The strangest thing about The Simpsons is that when this show started was the same year I was born, as the show went along, I always connected with Lisa and Bart; I was a kid – but now, I am connecting with Homer!. Let’s look at the facts, I have managed to ascertain Homer’s age, and it is 34 – 39 years, being 31 as of January 2020 means there is 3 – 8 years difference between myself and Homer, Bart and Lisa are 8 and 10 no math needed, I am closer to homers age now. 

Experiencing aging, along with one of your favorite shows, is weird. I haven’t watched the Simpsons closely for some time now, the only way to watch was through Foxtel, The Australian version of Cable TV and I don’t pay for outdated mediums, meaning I am cheap. Disney + with the full Simpsons catalog, 28 seasons my friend, when I see Marge and Homer struggling to pay bills and even Homer is hurting his back resonates with me now, way more than being a carefree kid. A lot of younger people have given up on The Simpsons, but watching the seasons, I can honestly say its pretty funny. They do an excellent job of parodying current events when they mock Millenials, though; it is funny, insulting, and authentic – complex emotions for me as a millennial to handle. 

If you have some spare time, why dont you sign up to Disney + and binge, if you don’t want to pay the first week is a free trial – $6.99 a month. 


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