Video game takeover

Hello, there fellow gamers, victory is here – Gaming is now larger than both music and movies combined in the entertainment industry. According to some pretty legitimate-looking articles, gaming generates $152.1 Billion, where the box office industry is $41.7 Billion, and music is $19.1 Billion, full article click here.

To speculate, what does that mean? Video games will be getting more and more attention. For example, Pepsi and Coca Cola might find it more worthy of advertising in Call of Duty or Stardew Valley, rather than tone-deaf commercial where one of the Jenners gives protesters and a police officer a Pepsi to calm down. I would love to see that attempted now IRL.

Society needs more Jenners and Kardashians.

The following is a professional statement, not to incite anger – for FMCG marketers usually target men from 18 – 35 as they have the most inclination to spend money, and who games the most? Well, you guessed it – men from 18 – 35. The flood of investment in gaming once the industry finds a way to do this will allow our favorite developers to hire more people and possibly end crunch; this is speculative and dependant on how greedy people want to be. Either way, its good times ahead, although I am always cautious that if these companies have a vested interest in the games, they might start pushing their corporate ideals and censorship.

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