To: Neil Druckmann

Hello there fellow games, I want answers. 

TLOU2 Spoilers**

Before we give up hope on a last of us part 3 and chase Neil Druckmann around with torches and pitchforks, maybe we could ask why he did what he did? I get it that he owes us no answers – he created the characters we love, and I guess he can take them away. But just in case he wants to answer questions from “supporters,” we are not “fans” since we purchase your products and even stood by you after the leeks we are your “supporters.”

  • The first question is the most obvious, why did you kill Joel in such a brutal fashion?

  • Why did you choose to focus on revenge when your last game focused on hope and survival?

  • The trailers lead us to believe Joel will be playable; this is the first time you have used that type of marketing – why did you feel it was necessary? 

  • Ellies’ ending was dark and hopeless; how come we didn’t get a better end for her and Dina?

  • The violence was raw and extreme, a move away from the series and the other games like it. Was this done to highlight the negativity around revenge as a motive? 

These are the questions I would ask Neil Druckmann, what would you ask? Let me know in the comments below if you have better questions, and we can shoot off an email to him. 

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