Prepping for WWIII – The top 5 games to get you prepared

Hi there fellow gamers, lets put this out there, I have the political and societal knowledge of a very stupid fish, or very smart rodent – meaning I won’t be winning any Nobel peace prizes soon. But we can agree the world is in a bad way, and it’s in the same way that things were in the 1920s, which eventually led to a frustrated artist coming to power in Germany, a Psycho forming the USSR and kapow. WWII came rattling through history, killing endless amounts of people.

In the 1920’s we had a plague, civil unrest, economic chaos, and heated geopolitics, seems familiar – well we have the same situation right now. For us that means we could be looking at another world war in 18 years, what can we do to prepare? play some hardcore war games to help – I got my top five below that also include strategy games for those who make it to generals. for a full list of similarities click here.

The top 5 games to get you prepared for WWIII.

Battlefield 2 Bad Company

This is like the fun war, were all hoping to get this experience.

This War Of Mine

If war is like this, then we are effed, I am actually from Bosnia and grew up there during the war, it was not fun to say the least.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

the opening sequence where everyone dies is relevant to most of us in war.

The Last Of Us Part II

Lets be real, when society breaks down we will have to scavenge and deal with paramilitaries, cannibals and angry lesbians.

Total War: Rome II

According to Albert Einstein we will revert back to fighting with sticks – “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Lets get ready for war, or we can hope that WWI and WWII were bad enough that we all just stop it before it happens. What are your thoughts on the top 5 games to get you prepared for WWIII, let me know in the comments bellow.

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