Sexual Assault in Gaming

Sexual Assault

Hello there fellow gamers, when you need a player two make sure they join you consensually. Some prominent people in the gaming industry didn’t get the memo. Sexual assault accusations are flying, aimed at streamers, marketers, developers and a whole lot more.

Welcome to the #metoo movement in gaming, maybe we can rename the movement to #player2, which makes more sense.

Solving it

How do we address this issue, bro? I have no effing idea; my only thought is to force anyone in a position of power to have the utter living crap beaten out of them before giving them the job. A beat down is humbling, and after having all power taken away from you. Being at the mercy of someone will leave you with a lasting lesson. Trust me that abusing power won’t be on your mind as it will be associated with someone whooping the crap out of you.

Accusing the accusers of lying should not be done until all of this is hammered out in court. It takes an unmeasurable amount of bravery and fortitude to speak out against these people, be kind to them.

Before I mention the people accused, I wanted to say that Ismail Ashraf from Ubisoft is not one of them. Cheating on your wife is a dick move, but not in the same ballpark.

The accused

Keep reading to find out who is on our list of potentially despicable people.

Chris Avellone
Writer, Dying Light 2

Omeed Dariani
Online Performers Group CEO

Apparently a lot of employees have come forward with accusations about people at the company.The statement from Ubisoft, “We will be sharing additional measures that we are putting in place with our teams in the coming days. Our goal is to foster an environment that our employees, partners, and communities can be proud of –one that reflects our values and that is safe for everyone.”

That is not that many people, yeh I didn’t include the whole list which can be found by clicking here. The sexual assault in gaming list comes from an article on Medium.com written by Survivors Streaming Industry.

These are all accusations as it stands currently, hence, these people are innocent until proven otherwise. I wrote this to hammer home the point that we have to be more careful as a community since everyone already assumes we are the worst. If ISIS played GTA V then it would be blamed for influencing them, for us that means we need to call our crappy behaviour.

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