Gamers v Critics – The Great Divide

Hello there fellow gamers, and f*&k you. Imagine if my articles started like that?. But that’s not where I would end it, you disagreed with my glowing review of a game, so I decided your opinion, and you do not matter. This is where Gamers v Critics – The Great Divide is not only the title but the reality of todays situation.

Kind of funny, but really

I am not a fan of “Kind of funny” or “PS I love you XO XO” ever since Colin Moriarty left. They have been lacking a charismatic deep voiced leading man, toning down the nasally voices of the current crew. I am admittedly biased in my scathing commentary on Greg Miller, and his harsh criticism on people who genuinely have negative commentary on TLOU2. The PS I love you XO XO episode addresses the Twitter hate towards Neil Druckmann and Laura Bailey. She received death threats over her portrayal of the character Abby, at the 21 minute mark Greg launches into his tirade. He calls out negative reviewers of the game, stating those who said they would not purchase it meant nothing – their boycott was pointless. I won’t detail the whole tirade, but it seems as if the divide between Critic and Player has grown. The critic in an ivory tower as the gamer works the mines and is called a bigot sandwich for not loving games, that the critics love. The divide is most evident on Meta critic, where the review of TLOU2 is 94, and user review is a 5.5. Aren’t all the negative reviews from bigots?. I would say no, bigots are definitely in the crowd, but they are not the only ones there. I am interested in this because I am doing a playthrough of TLOU2 to give it a fair review removed from the emotion of the twists in the game.

End the drudgery

Riding that train to work and lacking any entertainment, slowly dreading the walk to the office? Stuck in the never-ending line of traffic? Well, fear not my friend. I have the answer for you, I have scoured the podcast sea to find some people who will help the pain of your daily trek to work.Continue Reading

Critics v Gamers – the great divide

The concerning prospect is that the divide between players and critics is becoming painfully evident, and who is to blame? Well – I don’t know, but I would like to explore the issue. Have we all become extremists?. We might have – do people even listen to a rational down the middle opinions. Or in the era of political extremes, do we need to go all in or not at all?. Like a lot of media, the video games podcasts, and reviewers lean very much to the left. Having bias is fine, but in 2020, everything is politicised, their opinions are as well. Gamers can also be blamed as we love to shit post when people rub us the wrong way. But Naughty Dogs TLOU2 is the lightning rod to a lot of these polarising topics, body shaming, LGBTQI rights, equality, and more. For example, I saw an article from the Independent in the UK that claimed the body shamming of Abby proved men were not ready to accept a realistic woman in gaming. Abby’s body is based on the physique of a 30-year-old cross fit athlete that is top tier in her field. No means normal or the average connotations attached to that word.

Got Diversity?

Hello, there fellow games; what does diversity mean to you? How do you show it? World diversity day was on Thursday, 21 May. A few days later, the USA is in a state of chaos with looting and rioting denoting from valid peaceful protests about the state of policing and race relations in the USA.Continue Reading

What is the point of this post, nothing really. I am trying to wrap my head around the divide. Naughty Dog, the actors, writers, developers, and whoever else works there are incredibly talented individuals; I feel bad that their game is the focus of this polarising extremist world. The question, are Gamers v Critics – The Great Divide justified in their opinions, does TLOU2 deserve a 5.5?. In my opinion no, I would lean more towards a 7.5 but my final thoughts will be delivered in about two weeks.

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