Rocksteady announcing a Suicide Squad game

Rocksteady Announces Suicide Squad game

Hi there fellow gamers, since Rocksteady began blessing us with the Arkham series we have been hopeful they would expand in that world. Since 2009 we have been waiting Rocksteady announcing a Suicide Squad game, is only good news, and apparently on August 22nd at the DC FanDome, a free virtual event, we will get just that. The event rumoured to have an update on the Court of Owls game which WB games Montreal is working on.

What do we know?

If I am completely honest, nothing in the shape of a fact. I can share with you the rumours. What the name might be, the game mode and a possible online co-op mode.

The name of the game is rumoured to be, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. WB has registered a couple of web domains with similar title combinations. In regards to Gameplay we are looking at Action-Adventure with an online co-op mode. The co-op mode allows players to create a super-villain team against the Justice League heroes.

With Rocksteady announcing a Suicide Squad game it has renewed excitement into DC. Recently we got a look at Robert Pattinson as Batman, and not to forget The Joker film released in 2019.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

As the image above we can see that Superman is the main protagonist, but which Superman. Will we be hunting the proper good guy with the cowlick or the corrupted bizzaro version. There have been rumours that Superman might also became a playable character. Rocksteady announcing a Suicide Squad game means that there portfolio of games including the Arkham series grows to epic stature. The series which includes my favourite Arkham Origins has been a success and keeps fans engaged, however the last game released was in 2016. What do you think? Can they make another hit or will it be a miss? let me know in the comments below.

Unpopular opinion

Hello, there fellow gamers; I have to make a confession and make my case. I am scared ill lose followers, readers, and even friends in standing by this opinion. In the Arkhamverse, my favorite game is Arkham Origins, I just felt every fan read this and scream out against me, but Arham Knight was better!Continue Reading

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