What would a Last Of Us world look like?

Hi there fellow gamers, what would a Last Of Us world look like? Do we wait for the show to come out on HBO? Luckily for us, when they were making The Last Of Us Part 1, they explored what the world would look like, check out the images below, and see how a fungus zombie world would look.

Would you still travel in a Last Of Us world?

I could imagine myself taking advantage of a free vacation, but the question is – could I travel freely in a world of fungus zombies. Imagine this in a Last Of Us world, you arrive in Paris, glimmering in the distance is the formerly five-star Hilton hotel. You quietly but quickly make your way, the place has been raided of everything, but some beds are untouched and dusty, and you see a somewhat moldy bathtub with leftover soaps. Scrouging up some water, taking a bath. The collapsed wall in front of you gives you a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. I would travel the world, but I live in Australia. So you would probably find me floating in the ocean feeding some seagulls with my fat ass carcass.

What would a Last Of Us world look like? it would be a colder place, no lines, no airports, no security but also dangerous. Take a look below to see what a Last Of Us world would look like.

The Barbicon, Warsaw Poland.

Torre De Cristal, Madrid Spain.

The Collaseum, Rome Italy.

Eiffel Tower, Paris France.

The Canals, Amsterdam Holland.

The Kremlin, Moscow Russia.

Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome Italy.

Santa Junta Lift, Lisbon Pourtugal.

The Last of Us Part one. Shameless promotion.

Let’s start off by saying that I will be completely biased – this is not a review but a promo that Naughty Dog did not need to pay me for. I am a huge zombie apocalypse nerd, I own a rifle and always think of places where I could hide out, due to my extremeContinue Reading

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