Hi There fellow gamers, welcome to the first three, the Ghost Of Tsushima review. As a quick recap, the first three is my way of reviewing video games where I look at the first three hours of a game, if they can hook me in then I review and recommend the game.

Wednesday Sickie is by gamers for gamers, so with that in mind, let’s begin the review, but if you don’t feel like reading the whole article, we recommend the game.

Fight like a Samurai

Ghost Of Tsushima, set in 1274 as the Mongol Empire led by Khotun Khan invaded Tsushima. As Jin Sakai, you will face the Mongol Empire, as you go further in the journey you will unlock new skills. A skill Jin Sakai earns is to be an assassin, catching enemies off guard, this is the standard move, but as a proud Samurai. Assassination is against the Hagakure which wants you to face an enemy head-on. This move away from tradition takes a toll on Jin; he is torn between the Samurai tradition and the need to fight the Mongols.

fight like a samurai

The combat is fluid, and cinematics keeps up with you as you slash through enemies. The immersion is like being in a 1950s Samurai film straight out of Japanese cinema history. Intense and rewarding the combat keeps you on edge with a ton of upgrades and skills to unlock.

Best landscape in gaming

I have never been to Japan, and after playing this game, I am beginning to think that it is a huge mistake. With the best landscape in gaming, you get to see setting sunsets in Japan, that make you stop and watch. However, some of the towns lack a bit of the shock and awe beauty of the landscapes. Winds will gust around and guide you to destinations; these destinations never disappoint.

Best Landscapes In Gaming

A cinematic masterpiece

Ghost Of Tsushima cleanses our TLOU2 pallet, which left us depressed and down on the world, now we can slash our way through depression and be an awesome Samurai.

No Ghost Of Tsushima review is complete without a mention of the game as a cinematic masterpiece. The Kurosawa mode of the game pays tribute to the Japanese films of the 1950s by Akira Kurosawa. But beyond that, the acting of Jin Sakai is done well, stoic nature and firm character. Jin has difficulty in compromising his Samurai tradition come through the actor Daisuke Tsuji. Khoutan Khan is easy to hate, evil in nature and not obliged and weighed down by tradition, he is the perfect bad guy.

Khouton Khan
The Perfect Bad Guy

The landscapes blend into an epic journey that makes sure your investment is always at peak interest. As a Ghost Of Tsushima review, I will leave it as a must-have for 2020. Ghost Of Tsushima cleanses our TLOU2 pallet, which left us depressed and down on the world, now we can slash our way through depression and be an awesome Samurai.


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